Maguire, Cole and Yorke condemn social media abuse

Cole says that, although racism in football will always reflect what is happening in the wider world, internet companies and social networks must do more to prevent this type of thing from occurring.

“It’s not incredible for me because it is what it is. It’s been slowly creeping itself back into society,” Andy added.
“I think we’ve had a problem the majority of the time but it was always swept under the carpet because it makes it easier if it’s swept under the carpet and we make out things are perfect.

“They’re far from perfect so, when things like his continue to rear its head, it’s for people at the highest level to start making these decisions. Those are, like I’ve said before, the people on social media platforms, who actually run them, can do a hell of a lot more, instead of saying we can’t do it.

“Yes, you can. The same way you let people join these platforms, you can take these people off these platforms.”


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