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Izzy Dalli (UK): What advice would you give to a 3-year-old boy who wants to be a footballer and play for United? Asking for my nephew Luke, who is obsessed with football…
“Thank you, Izzy, for your question; it’s a good question. I’d just say from a very young age the most important thing is just enjoying it. It’s not about being competitive at that age, it’s just about enjoying it as you go through, not being too hard on yourself for any mistakes you made, just enjoy it.”

Craig Hallam (UK): How do you find it trying to handle the pressure of playing for Manchester United?

“It’s a great question, Craig. I think you have to be in the environment to understand really. I think at the start, when I played my first game, the nerves are there, the pressure’s there. But over time I think you come to learn, you get a lot of training for it. You’re always going to have pressure, I don’t think pressure’s a bad thing, I think it’s a good thing. I think to put that pressure on yourself, instead of other people having that pressure on you, I think if you have that pressure on yourself, I enjoy having that pressure and the main thing is to learn, have people around you who give you experience as well.”

Chris Lamond (UK): Do you ever get tired? It seems like you could run forever, you’re a phenomenal athlete…
“[Laughs] Thank you, Chris, for your question. I definitely do get tired. I think sometimes even when I don’t look it, I am. I like to keep myself fit. I think it’s always important, especially in the Premier League. The games are probably getting quicker and quicker and you have to be ready to last the whole game, but yeah, I definitely do get tired!”

Luke Small (UK): Hey Dan James, why did you pick the number 21?

“Thank you, Luke. When I came, at the time I was 20 at Swansea when I came, Diogo was 20 when I came here, so it was probably the first number that I looked at. I had quite a few – I can’t remember what they were – but 21 just stuck with me. DJ21 sounded quite good so I stuck with that.”

Geoff Saunders (UK): Tell us your guilty pleasure…

“Thanks for your question, Geoff. Guilty pleasure… hmmm. Listening to ’80s music probably. I love Phil Collins, David Grey, Queen obviously.”

Josephine Nyirenda (Zambia): Hello DJ I am Josephine and I think that you’re a fantastic player but I would like to know what aspects of your game would you like to improve on heading into what I feel will be a fantastic season for us?

“Thank you, Josephine. I think the normal things. Things I want to do more of is score more goals, get more assists and contribute more.”

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