United’s esports team is back: We’re going for the title

Our team for the tournament consists of Kamel El Morabet, Mikolaj Zietek and Eldridge O’Niel, with Wishal Changoer rounding out the four-strong squad.

Reds captain O’Niel is looking forward to getting back to competitive matches.

“This is a tournament you might not be used to as it’s not 1v1 but, with 3v3, it’s more exciting,” he explained.

“In esports and football games in general, there are not many co-op games. Most of the co-op games are shooter games. It’s nice to see a team of three controlling 11 players because you have to coach one another to make sure one doesn’t create a gap or make a mistake.

”One little mistake can cost you everything, so communication is very important and trusting each other. I think people should watch it because of this.


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