PlayStation Troll Jose Mourinho on Twitter for Man Utd Bosses Jibe at Own Players After CL Win

​Jose Mourinho has, since his induction into global fame in around 2004, gone from being the suavest melon farmer around to pantomime Bagpuss with his array of weird mind games, parked buses and the general air of a huffy of teen whose just found out his parents have put safety locks on the internet.

Despite his Man Utd side’s fairly straightforward seeming 3-0 win over Basle in the Champions League opener on Tuesday night, Mourinho remained in fairly testy form in the post-match interviews and dug out his own charges for deigning to attempt some entertainment with the game all but won.

“We could have put ourselves in trouble,” Mourinho told BT Sport, after the gams (as quoted by the BBC).

“We were playing fantasy football, Playstation football. I don’t like it – flicks and tricks. We gambled and you have to respect your opponent. I don’t know if goal difference will play a part.”

Mourinho is not a fan of indulgent flicks and tricks. Shocking, I know.

Well, PlayStation didn’t take kindly to Jose’s disparaging words with the bods over at the Sony console’s UK headquarters jabbing right back at the Red Devils boss in the only way that is acceptable in 2017…on Twitter.

​​Linking to the BBC article, where Mourinho was quoted, the tweet reads: “Sorry @josemourinho, no parked buses at PlayStation… we are here to entertain!” #R2Shot

Should Mourinho find enough aloe vera to recover from that severest of burns before the weekend, he will oversee United’s Premier League clash with Everton on Sunday, where he will come up against Wayne Rooney who departed Old Trafford in the summer.



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