Onana: I’m not just here for my feet!

Andre, you’ve had a good start here at Manchester United. The fans admire your passion. Is that important to you? And also, have you had added extra expectation after replacing David De Gea, one of the most established players here at Manchester United, some would call a legend at the football club? Have you handled that okay?
“Well, I’m a very passionate player and I demand a lot from my players and my defenders. But like I always said, we are in this together. Being part of this big club is something great. Manchester United is an amazing club, it’s huge. I am happy to be here. Replacing David is not something easy. I try to do my best of course. The start of the season is not what we want, but we believe better will come, the situation will turn and I am very confident. I know everything will be alright.”

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