Stam appreciates Martinez’s mix

“I think Martinez has done very well,” Stam told us. “In the beginning of last season, I think he needed to adjust to the league and to the opposition and how they can play.

“But, since then, he’s been very good, very composed on the ball. He’s finding the right free man in midfield as well. His passing is very, very good.

“Defensively, he may not be the biggest, and there’s been a lot of discussion about that, but he’s very clever in his one-v-ones and his duels. So he’s using his body well.

“His positioning is good so he’s been very impressive and, hopefully, after his injury, he’s coming back now. Hopefully, he can keep that up this season as well. But, of course, he needs to have players around him to help him out at times, as well. That’s important, I think, for every player in every position.”

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