De Gea is now a more complete keeper

Van der Gouw accepts that there is huge scrutiny on every keeper in the Premier League, with so much focus trained on the games. Pundits are often quick to criticise those between the sticks, without sometimes appreciating the nuances of their position.

“You feel always the pressure,” he added. “You always know that everybody is looking over your shoulder. These days, every goal is on a camera, from different angles: from behind the goal, from the side, from the front. Everybody has an opinion.

“Everybody says: ‘Yeah, you should have stopped his goal’. A lot of times, you see it in slow motion and it looks very easy. But if you go to normal speed then it’s going so fast. If you look from above, it’s much easier but, when you’re standing at the same height, like all the players, you will see the difference and see how difficult it will be.

“A lot of things you can see and you can see if the goalkeeper is not in the right position. And then you say: ‘Okay, you expect that a goalkeeper will stop a ball like that’. That’s fair. I know it’s a tough job but it’s also a nice job. If you stop fantastic balls, it gives you a fantastic feeling.

“It’s good also for the players. But, on the other side, if nobody makes a mistake, the goalkeeper won’t get the ball on a goal. There is always something going on before, to avoid a shot on the goal. And, yeah, for the keeper, you know that. You know that not every action, you can stop. You have to be ready and prepared for a mistake from somebody in front of you.”

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