Every word from Ole’s pre-Liverpool presser

Well played on the comeback in the week, how’s your team and squad looking injury-wise since then?
“It was a great effort and atmosphere towards the end, of course, one of the the great Champions League nights at Old Trafford. Great comeback, which will bring some knocks and bruises which you normally would expect. It’s still just Friday, game’s on Sunday. We will give everyone time. We might have the whole squad back fit and we may be two or three players down. Today, we weren’t everyone [in training]. Let’s see Sunday.”

Liverpool are in tremendous form at the moment. Comparing to the second half in the week, how many levels do you need to go up defensively to match Liverpool, and offensively, will that be enough?
“You know, a performance needs to consist of 90 plus minutes of attacking and defending. When you play against a team at the level of Liverpool. At the moment, they’re in a great run of form and there’s some individual skill you can almost not defend against. As a team, we have to be compact, aggressive, go out there and get every single dropped ball. Nose, knowledge, strong mindset, physical energy… It’s going to take everything to beat the best teams in Europe and the world and Liverpool are one of them at the moment. They’re one of the teams we’re chasing and we’re trying to chase. What they’ve done in the last four years is something that we’re striving towards, and [we want to] go past them. We ended ahead of them last season, they had a large spell of injuries, so now they’re back to their best.”

Jurgen Klopp has been talking this morning about [Mohamed] Salah and [Cristiano] Ronaldo, comparing them, saying that Salah’s got the better left foot and Ronaldo’s got the better right foot but they’re both world class. There’s lot of talk saying Salah is the best player in the world on current form, would you subscribe to that? Or do you feel Ronaldo still has the edge?
“I’ll always back Cristiano in any competition. He’s unique. His goalscoring record is incredible and he just keeps on scoring. That being said, Salah, at the moment, he’s on fire. You see some of the goals he’s scored lately. We know we have to be at our best to defend against him. You know, players like this don’t come around very often and we have to enjoy them from afar, not on Sunday, that’s too close for me. We have to do a good job, not just against him. I’m a big admirer of the front line they’ve had for many, many years now with [Sadio] Mane and [Roberto] Firmino. Maybe [Diogo] Jota will play, who knows? They are players we have to focus on, we have to be nailed on for 95 minutes to keep a clean sheet.”

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