Revealed: The stories behind Sancho’s tattoos

In our first interview with the Reds’ new signing, we asked which design meant most to him and he pointed to his left forearm, which bears a poignant tribute to a family member.

“This is my first one and the most meaningful one because my little brother passed away when he was younger. When I was in primary school, I wrote a poem that I read at the funeral, so this is definitely my most meaningful one,” Jadon told us.

The poem reads: You and me will stay together, you made us happy, you brought us joy, you were a special baby boy. I couldn’t wait till you grew up, teach you football and win the cup. But you’re gone what can I do? Baby brother, we love you.

“The rest around [the poem] are birds, heaven, an angel, a butterfly and then I have my sister’s and my brother’s initials,” he added.

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