Laird confirms long-term aim

Laird was up to the challenge with an enterprising Dons side and impressed in defence and attack, bombing up and down the right flank to good effect. He also discussed the key differences to Under-23s football during his interview with the official magazine.

“Honestly, every game means a little bit more,“ he admitted. “I can’t lie to you because it’s points on the board and it’s people’s lives, you now. But more it’s been the physicality of it for me, just dealing with players that are almost twice as big as you, jumping up for headers, this and that, knowing you’re going to get hit, but you have to go for it anyway.

“You have to fly back and forward but everything else has been kind of similar. I can’t lie to you. But yeah, that’s, that’s pretty much the main difference, the physicality part of it and a few tactical changes.”

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