Harry Maguire: Fans could have changed our season

And, of course, fans can not only help to swing games, but add a certain, unquantifiable magic to great moments of celebration within football matches something which Maguire has also missed.

The Leeds home game would have been such a great spectacle with the atmosphere they could have created. The second half of the Roma game, I couldnt imagine how the atmosphere would have been.

It means absolutely everything to us as players. One thing weve realised through this pandemic is how much fans mean to football and how much fans mean to this football club. Pretty soo,n we can have Old Trafford rocking and a full stadium again thats what weve got to aim for.

You can read Harrys interview in full within the Fulham issue of United Review. Purchase your copy by clicking here or access the programme for free if you are a season-ticket holder.

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