Laird: I feel like I can run through walls

“At the moment, I couldn’t be happier,” he told us. “You know I had my struggles with injuries and quite a lot of setbacks. I’ve always said ‘major comebacks’ to you, haven’t I really? I really feel this part of my journey is what I needed, to cement where I am in my head and where I can go because, obviously, being injured can get into your head.

“Even though you think positively about it, it does make you think: ‘Ah, don’t get injured again’. Now the fact I’ve played 18 games, my body feels strong. I feel a lot stronger and quicker. Mentally, I know I can almost do anything on the pitch and do things where there’s nothing holding me back. Even though there wasn’t anyway, sometimes you have a little doubt in your mind that you don’t want to get injured. That hasn’t been the case and is one thing I’ve been so happy about.

“Now I have the confidence that I can almost run through a wall on the pitch! [Smiles] I can do as much as I can and that’s the best thing I have got out of this. Being out with injuries and this and that can really affect you. It’s cemented with me that I can really do this – two games a week? I’ve got this. It really feels good and is really encouraging.”


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