Internationals: Which Reds are involved?


Wednesday 24 March
Turkey v Netherlands (17:00 GMT)
Belgium v Wales (19:45 GMT)
France v Ukraine (19:45 GMT) 
Portugal v Azerbaijan (19:45 GMT)

Thursday 25 March
England v San Marino (19:45 GMT)
Scotland v Austria (19:45 GMT)
Spain v Greece (19:45 GMT)
Sweden v Georgia (19:45 GMT)

Friday 26 March
Niger v Ivory Coast (16:00 GMT) 

Saturday 27 March
Netherlands v Latvia (17:00 GMT)
Serbia v Portugal (19:45 GMT)
Wales v Mexico (20:00 GMT)

Sunday 28 March
Kazakhstan v France (14:00 BST) 
Albania v England (17:00 BST)
Georgia v Spain (17:00 BST)
Israel v Scotland (19:45 BST)
Kosovo v Sweden (19:45 BST)

Monday 29 March
No matches

Tuesday 30 March
Ivory Coast v Ethiopia (14:00 BST)
Gibraltar v Netherlands (19:45 BST)
Luxembourg v Portugal (19:45 BST)
Wales v Czech Republic (19:45 BST) 

Wednesday 31 March
Sweden v Estonia (16:45 BST)
England v Poland (19:45 BST) 
Bosnia and Herzegovina v France (19:45 BST)
Spain v Kosovo (19:45 BST)
Scotland v Farao Islands (19:45 BST)


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