Southampton v United: Ole’s press conference

Mason Greenwood took United by storm last year and now he’s had some criticism after difficult episodes and being accused of one thing and the other on social media. Do you think people, every now and then, have a tendency to forget that footballers also are just human beings? He’s just 19, so ups and downs are maybe to be expected?
“We try to help all of our players, if they’re young and old. The more experience you have, the greater chance you have to avoid a mistake here and there. I don’t have an issue with helping young players and help them become good footballers, and Mason is a really good footballer.

In terms of team news and players who can play, Donny and Edinson played a full game the other night, are they in a condition to start if you choose to play them on Sunday?
”We played on Tuesday then we don’t have a game until Sunday, so it’s been a long period for us. We’ve manage to give the boys one day off as well, in these difficult times, so they’re available to play and I’m sure, if they do, that they are capable of playing again.

I know fans will have to wait to return to Old Trafford as we are in Tier 3 in Manchester but there will be fans next week at West Ham. What impact do you think that will have, and is this a light at the end of the tunnel?
”I think so, I’m very pleased with the progress, that we can let the fans in gradually. Of course, we can’t wait to see fans at Old Trafford. We know how long they’ve been waiting to be there and watch the games live. So, steps in the right direction. Even though we’re the away team, it’s still creating an atmosphere in the game so I’m looking forward to it.

Just to clarify, Paul had problems with his ankle last season and got an ankle injury at the moment. Is that related to his issue last season or is it a separate issue?
”Separate issue.


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