Q&A: Solskjaer on the Cup, goalkeepers and Europe

A win would get us into the quarter-finals. Is that what’s positive about this competition that it doesn’t take that long to suddenly get very deep into it?
“It depends how you want to get there, you’ve got teams getting there even without playing, even to this round! [Smiles] It’s a competition you always want to go far in and you always want to try to give experience to the young kids as well and the squad needs to feel that we’re together. If you only play one XI, that’s not great at times. So, for us, we want to win and give that feeling that it’s important this season.”

I think this competition is the one thing missing from your CV?
“Yeah, I know. I’ve lost one or two finals, I can’t remember how many, but I won the day after one of them because my daughter was born. That was more important!”

There were some great photos of David De Gea and Dean Henderson this week winning a game of head tennis in training. Are you pleased with how they’re working together?
“Are you sure they won or are they just putting that out themselves?! [Laughs] The goalkeeper department is a vibrant area. They all get on well and they push each other, Lee [Grant] and Nathan [Bishop] as well – two top professionals who help out that group at the moment. We are very lucky and privileged in that department.”


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