Mathias Pogba shows off his crazy half-and-half Man Utd and Saint-Etienne shirt

The Pogba brother not in action Thursday night has crafted a colourful tribute to Paul and Florentin

Everyone knows family comes first, but what do you do when family faces family?

Tottenham fall to Gent in first leg

If you’re Mathias Pogba, you simply combine. The Guinea international is watching on at Old Trafford as his brother Paul, of Manchester United, and his twin Florentin, of Saint-Etienne, square off in Europa League action Thursday.

And the occasion called for a special half-and-half shirt allowing him to show love for both brothers, with Mathias writing, “I can’t share myself today.” 


I can’t share myself today 

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While the Eredivisie player admitted in a video that someone is likely to lose between the two brothers in the match, he said he couldn’t pick sides. As such, he fashioned the multi-coloured shirt.


Vamosssss at the stadium @this_istrue32 #pogba

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The Pogba brothers on the pitch were wearing far more traditional kits, walking out side-by-side for at the beginning of the match.

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