Kompany hits out at Financial Fair Play rules

The Manchester City captain has slammed the regulations, which City were found guilty of breaching last season, and believes there should be a change in the way they are applied

Vincent Kompany believes Uefa’s Financial Fair Play rules are designed to restrict clubs such as Manchester City.

City were hit with sanctions by Uefa after breaching FFP in 2014, with a fine of €60 million and a Champions League squad cap imposed by Europe’s governing body.

Kompany, though, believes the regulations – which were introduced for the 2011-12 season – simply protect the established elite, such as City’s fierce rivals, Manchester United, whom they visit on Sunday.

“That’s how I look at it anyway,” Kompany told the Sunday Telegraph.

“If you go into the business world you can’t say to anyone they cannot invest. I understand the fans have to be protected, the clubs have to be protected but plans need to be accepted.

“You win things; you get more fans. You get more fans; you create more revenue. That’s not a stupid way of thinking of investing in a business.

“I do understand there needs to be regulation but I just wonder what is going to change at the top?

“When I came to England it was just four clubs at the top. Four. The same top four all the time and that’s changed now.”

Kompany also believes changes need to be made to the way the regulations work, with smaller clubs hurt – rather than helped – by the rules.

“What you do is actually protect the few who already have the things geared up to create enough revenue for them to invest more than anyone else,” he added.

“I think there needs to be a format that people respect. When you get into a club you need to subscribe to be in there for a number of years, you need to maybe commit to a certain number of regulations but in this case who are you protecting?”

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