Zaha: Fergie taught me nothing

The on-loan Crystal Palace winger says he was never tutored by the Scot, making his time at Old Trafford “weird”, though he harbours no resentment towards the club

Wilfried Zaha has revealed that he was never coached by Sir Alex Ferguson, despite being brought to the club by the Manchester United legend.

The 22-year-old appears rejuvenated this season after returning to former club Crystal Palace on a season-long loan but has spoken out about his time at United.

However, the winger holds no ill-feeling towards Ferguson and remains grateful that the veteran recognised his ability.

Talking to The Sun, Zaha said: “Sir Alex obviously saw something in me and that’s why he brought me back to United. But I never got to be coached by him. I signed and by the time I came back, he had left. That was weird.

“When I saw the news he was retiring, I was thinking ‘What’s going on? Why would he sign me if he knew he was going?’

“But I heard he had his own stuff to do so I can’t really hold that against him.”

Zaha also spoke about the problems he had adjusting to life at Old Trafford in comparison to the time he has spent at Palace.

He added: “I had a lot to deal with living on my own in Manchester. It was lonely, it wasn’t the best.

“There were other players I used to speak to but everyone does their own thing.

“I don’t think anyone really has time to stop and put an arm around you. You just have to get on with it – that’s what I realised.

“It was a bit different for me. At big clubs, you just have to get on with it because there’s no-one to tell you much. I don’t think I was ready for it.

“If you’re not playing, you’re not happy. Sitting at home and watching the team play constantly, you feel like you could do something to help.”

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