Manchester United striker Rooney: Messi is the best ever

The England striker says that despite playing with the Real Madrid star at Old Trafford, he would have to say that the Barcelona man is the better player of the two

Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney rates Lionel Messi as the best player ever, above former team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo.

When asked to between of the two best players on the planet, Rooney, along with fellow United players Tom Cleverley and Jonny Evans, were split over a decision. The England striker declared Messi as the best ever, but feels Ronaldo has been unlucky with timing

Rooney said in a Google hangout with DHL: “They’re two different players. But I think Messi’s incredible. I think he’s the best ever, so I’d have to say Messi.

“But Ronaldo has been a bit unlucky because, in any other time, he’d be winning all the awards Messi has. But they’re two of the best players of all-time.”

Since moving to Spain, Ronaldo has scored an incredible 183 goals in 181 games for Real Madrid, whilst Messi has scored 301 goals in 366 games for Barcelona, an equally impressive feat.

Cleverley stated: “I never played with Ronaldo. They’re two different players, but at the minute I’d probably take Ronaldo.”

Evans, meanwhile, also gave his vote to Ronaldo: “It’s hard to compare them because we haven’t had the chance to see Messi up close every day, but we’ve had that with Ronaldo.

“I was in the first-team for one season when Ronaldo was here and you sort of take it for granted, the quality he had, but I really don’t think I could choose between them.

“But just for the fact I’ve seen Ronaldo day-in, day-out, and the dedication he has, I’d probably have to say Ronaldo.”

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