Guardiola: I want to manage in Premier League

Pep Guardiola has put Premier League clubs on red alert after declaring that it his ambition to manage in the Premier League.

The former Barcelona coach has spent this season on a self-imposed sabattical following four years of enormous success at the Catalan club, during which he won 14 trophies.

And despite being linked with a move to Bayern Munich, the 41-year-old Spaniard has offered hope to his Premier League suitors.

“As a player, I couldn’t realise my dream to play there,” Guardiola said in a message to the Football Association.

“But I hope in the future I have a challenge to be a coach or a manager there and feel the experience of all the coaches and players that have been there.

“It is unique, to play in that league. I want to feel the supporters, the environment, the media and the style of the players.

“I am still young, just 41, so I hope in the future I could train there and enjoy that. I have always found English football very fascinating. The support of the home team is amazing.

“In Italy, Latin people will support you when you are playing and when you lose, they kill you. In England, I’m always surprised people always support everything and that is nice. That’s why I hope to have the challenge to train there.

“I had the opportunity to play two finals at Wembley and that’s why my relationship with England is pretty close.

“I played there twice, once as a player when I was 19 and it was my first Champions League as a player, as Barcelona finally won the Champions League. It was a huge honour to play at the old Wembley.

“When I was manager of Barcelona, for our second Champions League in three years, it was a real pleasure to play in the new Wembley.

“Congratulations on this huge anniversary, because 150 years is a lot of years. ‘Also because they created the rules of football and have a responsibility for the game. They have been important in the development of our beautiful, beautiful game.”

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