Ferguson hits back at De Gea critics

Sir Alex Ferguson has hit back at criticism of Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea after the Spaniard was criticised for his role in Tottenham’s equaliser last weekend.

Pundits Alan Hansen and Gary Neville had blamed De Gea for his error that allowed Clint Dempsey to score, but the Scot has said he will not pay attention to them.

“I’m not getting into that at all,” Sir Alex told reporters when asked about the criticism of De Gea. “You have to listen to some idiots in the game.

“It is better we deal with David de Gea. I think we are quite good at that. He had a fantastic game and was 30 seconds away from that.

“I remember talking about how well he played and then, 30 seconds from time, the ballpark changes. It is unfortunate for the lad, but he has to deal with it. We will help him. Outfield players maybe make 20 mistakes in a game, but they [goalkeepers] are in a crucial position. We are OK with him.”

Sir Alex has also blamed his high profile and the role of the media for the FA asking him to explain his comments criticising official Simon Beck after the game.

“I just think it is more about me than what I have said,” he added. “Whether I think it is unfair or not doesn’t matter to them really at this point.

“But you know the FA. It is one of these things and Manchester United are high profile. I think the press play its part too. They panic when the press [get involved].

“Some of the headlines were ‘Ferguson may be charged by the FA’, so you have your part to play in that because the profile of me is such that the FA naturally panic as soon as the press criticise them.

“I think that is what you will find. That is why they have sent me a letter.”

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