Verheijen: Van Gaal perfect for Manchester United

The former Wales assistant coach believes the Dutchman can return the club to their glory days following David Moyes’ disastrous tenure in charge at Old Trafford

Louis van Gaal would be the perfect fit for manager-less Manchester United, according to outspoken Dutchman Raymond Verheijen.

The fallen Premier League champions are on the lookout for a new manager after David Moyes was sacked in April, just 10 months into a six-year deal.

Van Gaal, who will leave the Netherlands following the World Cup in Brazil, is the overwhelming favourite to fill the void left by the Scotsman, with some reports suggesting he may be unveiled as soon as next week.

And former Wales assistant coach Verheijen believes the 62-year-old is the right man to return United to their glory days.

“Van Gaal is extremely keen to take a job in the Premier League,” Verheijen told the Daily Mirror.

“Van Gaal is a team builder from scratch and like a teacher. I think he would be perfect for Manchester United.

“The fact there could be as much as £200m to spend on new players is a huge attraction.

“If most of that money had already been spent in the last year then I think it would have been less interesting to take this job.

“Then he might have to deal with players he might not have bought himself.”

Verheijen was critical of Moyes throughout his brief tenure at Old Trafford, using Twitter to voice his disapproval with aspects of the 51-year-old’s coaching and tactics.

While claiming Moyes was out of his depth in Manchester, Verheijen said United officials should take responsibility for appointing the wrong manager.

“You really wonder if the people who are responsible at Man United are actually doing their homework,” he added.

“I don’t think it is so much the problem and responsibility of David Moyes.

“But if the people at United had done their homework they would never have appointed David Moyes, they would have appointed someone else.

“When you are managing Man United you need different tactical qualities to when you are an underdog like Everton.

“It has to do with tactical flexibility.”

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