Rooney could clash with 'difficult' Van Gaal, warns Scholl

The 43-year-old, who worked under the Manchester United manager-to-be at Bayern Munich, says that his former mentor has “had problems with the big players and staff everywhere”

Mehmet Scholl warns that the likes of Wayne Rooney could clash with “difficult” Manchester United manager-to-be Louis van Gaal.

As reported, the 62-year-old has agreed a deal to take over at Old Trafford following his involvement with the Netherlands at the upcoming World Cup.

Scholl was Bayern Munich’s reserve team coach under Van Gaal for 2009-10 and says that his mentor does not work well wth “big stars” but insists that the Dutchman is the best man for United.

“He’s very strict and severe so the players just have the chance to follow him or they are out and he takes the next players,” he told The Guardian.

“He’s very good with young players. I think everywhere he was he had some problems with big players and the staff.

“He’s a brilliant football coach. The way he likes his team to play is absolutely brilliant. His main thing is to keep the ball – to be proactive, not passive. He is a genius, he’s one of the best I’ve ever seen on the pitch.

“For the big stars it is not easy to work with him but, for the young players, he is brilliant. He is brilliant on the pitch and wants them to learn all the time, wants them to learn. Even the old players.

“Some of the players, I can tell you, like Rooney, I don’t think he has to learn anything more so that will be difficult for him if the coach says: ‘You have to do it in a completely different way. Whatever you did until now, change it.'”

Van Gaal is understood to have agreed to a short-term contract at United, expected to be no longer than three years, but Scholl is confident that the club will experience success under the 62-year-old.

He continued: “Yes, I think he’s for the moment exactly the right coach for United and United will be successful again with him. That’s without doubt. That will come.

“The thing is he is very – he wants a lot of things from the players and, for the players, it is not easy to satisfy him all the time and so after several months, one or two years, it gets less what the players learn.

“Sometimes the brain is full. And he still wants [you] to learn, to learn, to learn, high level, every day. Is it annoying? No. It’s exhausting. They lose power. That’s what happened at Bayern Munich.”

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