Netherlands team could be sent into space

The craze surrounding Robin van Persie’s ‘flying’ header against Spain has inspired one Dutch startup to consider transporting the national side all the way into the cosmos

A Dutch company has announced that they could send the Netherlands team into outer space should they win the World Cup.

The Space Expedition Corporation (SXC), a Dutch startup that intends to offer voyages into space for tourism and research, said that they were inspired by the furore surrounding Robin van Persie’s airborne header against Spain.

“As a company of Dutch origin, we are of course very proud of the achievements of the Oranje currently in Brazil,” said co-founder Michiel Mol to AD.

“Robin van Persie’s goal, and all the headlines about ‘The Flying Dutchman’ have brought us the idea to do something extra.

“The whole selection of 23 players and of course Louis van Gaal, we will try to literally lift them to a higher level; 103 kilometres [into space].”

SXC is expected to offer their first commercial journeys into space later in 2015, with the Oranje voyage not expected to take place until at least 2016.

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