Fans 'entitled' to protest, says under-pressure Moyes

The Scot played down the significant of the ‘Wrong One’ campaign, while the organiser of the protest says the purpose is to show support for the manager is not universal

Manchester United boss David Moyes says a group of disgruntled fans who have paid for a plane carrying the banner ‘Moyes Out’ to fly over Old Trafford are “entitled” to protest.

The message, ‘Wrong One – Moyes Out’, is in reaction to a controversial ‘Chosen One’ banner that hangs inside the stadium, with sections of supporters keen to vent their frustration at the Scot.

Under Moyes’ watch United have slipped to seventh in the Premier League and will almost certainly fail to qualify for the Champions League this season.

The former Everton boss, though, was quick to downplay the significance of the protest, which will take place during Saturday’s game against Aston Villa, and hinted that setbacks were to be expected as he begins rebuilding the club.

“I have heard of it and what they are saying about it, but this is a long journey,” said Moyes when asked about the banner at his press conference on Friday.

“This is only the start of the journey. People are entitled to do that.”

Protest organiser Wes Jones, meanwhile, says the purpose of the ‘Wrong One’ campaign is to highlight that United fans are not totally united behind Moyes.

“The rumblings of discontent have started in the stands,” Jones told the BBC. “We wanted to show that support isn’t as 100 per cent as Moyes would like to think.”

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