Grab a UTD’s licenced pool table cloths with discount has an amazing offer for UTD fans. This is what they’ve got for us currently:

To celebrate the start of the Premier League, we have £50 off on our licensed Manchester United Football Club Pool Table Cloth. This offer is available for a limited time only, so order before 19th September and you won’t miss out!

Here at Home Leisure Direct, we have a huge demand for printed cloths for Manchester United FC fans on their pool table at home or fitted to a new pool table. As the logo is copyrighted, we have secured an exclusive retail license with Manchester United directly, allowing us to print fully licensed Manchester United FC crests on our pool table cloth on demand. As we have the exclusive license, you can only buy these through Home Leisure Direct.

Available in three choices of colour, on the highest quality cloth manufactured by Hainsworth, our Manchester United FC pool table cloth is screen printed to the highest standard, giving you a great game of pool while showing your support for your team. You can choose between a classic napped English cloth or a woven American style cloth depending on your pool table and style of playing.

Our licensed football club pool table cloth really does look great in the flesh and is a perfect addition to any football fan’s games room or leisure space. It’s a great way to impress your friends and family and show your support for Manchester United this season.

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Betting tips

It used to be said that money makes the world go round. While that may still hold true, as far as it goes, soccer is fast becoming the missing link in the chain that binds all of common humanity together. As the earth’s four seasons come and go, so do their soccer equivalent. So, as the South American season draws to a close, the European season opens. As the Russian season goes in to hibernation, many Asian leagues rouse from their slumbers. This continuous process of extinction and rebirth is an absolute boon for sports wagering enthusiasts.

Here are some great ways to enjoy soccer wagering online:

Daily Match Lists offer full fixture lists from the world’s top leagues. Because of the nonstop round of matches, there is always a game to wager on. Following Daily Match Lists is a great way to bet because they are generally simple to use, because they apply a basic betting pattern: 1 = home win; X = draw; and 2 = away win.

premier league

Premier league

Coupons are another fabulous way to enjoy online soccer gambling. For instance a British betting coupon would contain a full schedule of soccer in the United Kingdom (UK). This would include the world renowned English Premier League (EPL) and other domestic leagues such as the Scottish Premier League (SPL) and the second tier of English soccer, the Championship. There are, for example, betting markets on which teams will finish in one of the Champions League places, which teams will be demoted in to the Championship and which teams will be promoted to the EPL. There are similar betting markets for the international fixtures. Coupons might cover other wagering variations such as Both Teams To Score (BTTS). Prices in a BTTS market are available on a basic ‘yes’ or ‘no’ principle, varying from the most likely, to the least likely team to score. It couldn’t be easier!

Arguably the most innovative, and probably the most popular means of online betting, is through live in-play betting, such as that which can be found at William hill soccer betting. Although similar to conventional match betting, live-in play wagering allows punters bet online. A cascade of rolling markets offers players the chance to wager on every game, every corner, and every foul and so on. The beauty of live in-play betting is that the punter feels almost as much a part of the developing action on the field of play as the players and spectators at the stadium!