Tribute to a beloved Red

“It’s a fantastic live music venue, and that was down to the earthy way Andy ran the place,” explains United fan and gig-goer Anthony Murphy.

“He never brown-nosed anyone – he’d talk to Johnny Marr the same way he’d talk to an ordinary bloke on the street. You could get someone like [Courteeners frontman] Liam Fray turning up and playing an acoustic set on a Saturday night, and nobody would blink an eye. Anywhere else, they’d get mithered to death.

“It’s dealt with all kinds of threats over the years, and survived it brilliantly,” Murphy continues. “And that’s all down to Andy’s tenacity. He had a fantastic sense of humour too. He could bring you to tears of laughter with a one-line observation. He’d do Half Man Half Biscuit covers on open-mic nights and you’d be in stitches. He was great.”

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