Every word: Erik’s press conference, part two

Will you ever offer him your congratulations, or do you not have that much dialogue with him this season?
“I will do and I think what they were doing and this is the first moment, so I take the opportunity to congratulate them on winning the title. Also, in the way they are winning the title, I think it’s a demonstration of football. Everyone likes the way they play. So attractive, so brilliant. I think the season is still not finished as our season is still not finished.”

With their title win and these charges hanging over them, do you think that it is a tainted title for Manchester City? Because it might not be seen as legitimate by a lot of people?
“Oh, it’s not about me to make a judgement and it’s an investigation. So let them do their work and we will find out. But it’s not about me in this moment or in any moment to discuss that or to make a judgement.”

Erik, you talk about the journey that United are on, where Chelsea are in the in the table, does that show you how difficult it is to get that get the processes right after a takeover when there new and to get everything right at the club?
“Oh, absolutely. At this moment is like, say, the centralisation of good players and of the best managers. Also [it’s about] the money. It’s all here in the UK. That makes a great competition but a tough and a hard competition and you have to do the right things and you can have money, but you have to do it and spend it in a smart way and also you need a strategy behind it, because otherwise money doesn’t work.”

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