Ten Hag: We must prove ourselves in every game

There have been a few performances – Liverpool, Newcastle and Seville – that have been way below expectations and you’ve been harsh in terms of your assessment, yet they happen again. Why?
“First of all you have to acknowledge. It’s the truth, we have to do better and I know that. I have to teach the players that they [need to] do better in such circumstances and such occasions. We have to do better with such expectations because, as you said, the demands are on this team and because we are Manchester United, [they] are high and we have to deal with it, we have to improve it. I have to teach the players and the players have to step up.”

It’s a disappointing game and the mental side may have taken a blow. With a game like this [against Brighton], is it a good game to bounce back from and are you thinking about refreshing your team?
“You ask a lot in one question, but of course I always think about ‘do I refresh?’ because I have a squad. But also I know that in this season when we had bad defeats, bad performances, we bounced back. I am convinced and I have strong belief we can do it again because we have the experience.”

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