Ten Hag: We are a different team now

Erik, your midfield three, maybe your first choices – Eriksen, Bruno and Casemiro – you haven’t really been able to play them together very often this year. Would that make a big difference, do you think, when those three can have a run of games together? And also, is there a problem for you that some people have said maybe Casemiro will play centre-half at Wembley? Is that a problem because you’d like to see those three playing close together?
“Yeah, of course. I’ve said before, one of the things is that we didn’t have the opportunity so often to play the same team, and also the midfield department, and also other lads in the front line, for instance, didn’t play that often the same because we had injuries, suspensions, and so we were not in a position to do that. And so how often can you line up the same when your team is getting injured? But also, when you play a lot of games and the [work] loads can be higher, you also need to rotate because you have to keep the players fit and fresh, and then you need to look to the next game. You have to take decisions and [a] tactical approach or personal approach. And the numbers, when you miss players, you have to find solutions. And then you look at what is the best solution for the moment, and you have to shelter, but also of course look at the long term as well. And in this moment, when you play [a] semi-final, you have only one opportunity so you’re looking for the best team in that moment.”

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