Every word from Erik’s pre-Palace press conference

If he’s not available, would Wout Weghorst be in contention to start against Palace or would that be too soon?
‘I have to think that over. First, settle down this game and make the right conclusions. Then we will make a clear plan. I have to see [for] Palace. Of course, I know already a lot about Palace, we faced them also in pre-season, I know how the team is. The total plan I don’t have now, I didn’t construct it until now. So from this point on, we can construct and we can prepare the team in the right way.”

Erik, in terms of the result today and the high of this win against Manchester City, what has been your message to the players in terms of resetting for the Crystal Palace game? Do you almost have to give them the opportunity to celebrate this or do they have to forget it and move on instantly?
”I think [after] every win, you have to celebrate. You work so hard for such momentum. Every win that is so great in top football, if you can’t celebrate, I think you kill the energy as well. So we have to celebrate it, but after it, we have to settle down and after 24 hours, move on and go to the next game. Then you get in the right rhythm. Every third day, we have to deliver and the players have to get in the right rhythm from a physical point of view, but also mentally and be ready for the next game and that is against Crystal Palace on Wednesday.”

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