Fifa vice-president to meet Suarez & Evra over racism 'travesty'

Jeffrey Webb has been appointed as the head of a new task force which hopes to deal with discrimination in football and is keen to liaise with those previously affected

Fifa vice president Jeffrey Webb has revealed he is eager to meet with players involved in recent racism controversy after being appointed as the head of a new anti-racism and discrimination task force.

The 48-year-old has underlined his desire to work alongside the Football Association, with the English game having been plagued by the issue of discrimination in recent times.

And he is expected to liaise with the likes of John Terry, Anton Ferdinand, Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra, all of whom played a prominent role in recent racism rows.

“I will be meeting with the FA… and I would also like to have a round-table discussion to talk to the players and get their input, get some suggestions from them and learn from their experiences,” Webb told reporters.

“Obviously there are a number of players who have been victimised, plus we would like to hear both sides really.”

The CONCACAF head also called for Fifa to reconsider its penal procedures regarding the punishment of incidences of racism

“We have been talking for a long time but we have not been protecting the players. It’s a travesty that it has come to this,” he added.

“I don’t think financial instruments are enough. Fines are not working.

“It’s time to put proper things in place . . . It’s like in society, we know that if we break the law there will be consequences. Racism is unacceptable. The football family has to take a look in the mirror.”

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